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Investment Management Corporation is a fee-only, independent-wealth management firm.  Since 1986, we have provided a superior investment management experience to individuals and business owners in our region and throughout the United States.  Our fee-only, independent structure provides our clients with the assurance that we have eliminated potential conflicts of interest and will never sell them anything.  We know that  our success also depends on meeting the goals for risk and growth of our clients’ portfolios.  We are committed to providing our clients with the transparency, simplicity, and focus that they deserve from an advisor.

We strive to lower investor costs and increase returns by utilizing institutional investments that are not available to retail investors, as well as other no-load mutual funds and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) where desired.  As investment counsel, we will actively manage your investment assets on your behalf, while communicating with you regularly and adjusting to market conditions expeditiously.


Performance Matters.  That is why we have recorded the quarterly and annual returns for each of our managed portfolio strategies since inception.  This contrasts with most other advisors, who will only provide prospective clients with the assumed historic returns of a static portfolio that has been constructed with the benefit of hindsight.  Consequently, this does not provide an accurate representation of actual performance results that were achieved for their clients.  At Investment Management Corporation, we will provide you with our performance history so that you may see the actual results of our decisions during the positive and negative market periods we have experienced over the past thirty years.     


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